Unvirtues: The Workshop

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The Unvirtues workshop

A non-shaming approach to self-interest in relationship

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of the ‘unvirtues’. The relationship between ethics and self-interest will be explored, with the task of taking an open minded approach to revealing unacceptable aspects of self.

We will look at the contrast between our goodwill and good intentions, and the more utilitarian ‘I-it’ aspects of relationship. We aim to bring a deeper level of awareness and ownership to aspects of self which are generally deemed unacceptable.

A key question is how do we situate our unvirtuous self in a non-destructive interpersonal or professional ethic? We will explore a re-worked approach to authenticity which can deepen relationship and therapeutic work.

This is achieved through creating a non-shaming atmosphere, where it becomes possible to laugh at one’s foibles rather than hide them.

Workshop process

The topic is introduced with a set of self rating scales for participants to complete. A theoretical overview is presented, providing a context for the work. 

Participants are invited to identify their own virtues and are assisted to deconstruct these to discover their unvirtues. 

Group discussion is used to explore these discoveries. Discussion also focuses around the rating scales, and their ability to reveal levels of identification with virtues and unvirtues. 

A demonstration of a ‘showing up’ dialogue is conducted, and participants are invited to practice this themselves.


Workshops are offered by request. Contact us to organise a workshop in your location.

Naming the elephant

Virtues are something most people want to subscribe to, but few people want to identify with their Unvirtues. We don’t suggest you act unethically. We do suggest that you recognise the places where your intentions don’t match your actions.

We discovered how powerful this is in relationship. Its even better than an apology. The unvirsal response is one of relief - naming the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. .


Contact: discover@unvirtues.com